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MediateGuru is a social initiative led by members across the globe. The aim of the organization is to build a bridge using which more law students can be encouraged to opt for ADR methods. MediateGuru is creating a social awareness campaign for showcasing mediation as a future of alternative dispute resolution to provide ease to the judiciary by encouraging and empowering Law Professionals to take up the mantle of Mediation.

A venture to Highlight Mediation Globally

"MediateGuru is an initiative led by member across the world, to highlight the benefits and upscale the ADR industry in order to help the people avail their Right to Justice, in form of Speedy and affordable Dispute Resolution Mechanism."

Advisory Board

MediateGuru was started with a dream to spread awareness on Mediation and help the unfortunate ones to claim their Right to Justice. We initiated MediateGuru to achieve this goal and provide a sense of direction for those who are lost. Such loss cannot hinder a person to get their Right of Justice denied.  

We started off as a small fantasy that perhaps we can bring some change, but that fantasy has today reached at that position where we couldn't have imagined it. We have our reach in over 120+ countries with our International Family growing every day.  

With this vision of sharing the gift of Mediation with the World, MediateGuru's Advisory Board is to provide kind support and Blessings over our initative and guide us.


Brought to you by MediateGuru

MediateGuru is proud to organize several Recurring International events with Resource Persons or Experts delivering the Session coming from around the Globe and sharing their knowledge and wisdom among our members. Such as International Webinars or MediateGuru's ongoing Series of International Workshops. ​


MediateGuru organized it's Landmark 1st Virtual International Mediation Competition in March 2021 which saw registrations of over 200 applicants, out of which only 60 entries were selected coming from 20 different countries. The competition was judged by Expert and Imminent Mediators across the globe.

MediateGuru also organises 40 Hour Mediation Training Program for its members to become a certified Mediator. 

MediateGuru is also doing its work in field of Arbitration as it announced its 1st International Investment Arbitration Moot 2021 to take place in September 2021



Having worked on ADR services from the scratch last year, MediateGuru has been successful in bridging the gap between general public and ADR services on a global scale. Having worked for pitching ADR as a future of dispute resolution, we are now introducing our latest venture in this domain. The m-ADR Broadcast, as envisioned by our founders, aims to bridge the gap further, not by way of conventional workshops and webinars but by way of a tailored newsletter by giving our readers a peak into the global developments in the field of ADR. Additionally, the Expert’s section of our newsletter will provide our readers, decades of hard work compressed in to bite sized hacks, thereby helping them to unleash their potential in the right direction. However, that won’t be all as our Editorial column will take our readers through the latest developments in the field of ADR, not just in a simplified manner but by way of additional insights concerning the editor’s pick.

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